We have the experience to work from any type of file, sketch or rough idea. Our clients include many of today’s POP display industry leaders, along with aerospace and other high tech firms, packaging and trade show exhibit companies, artists, inventors, and numerous non-profit and government agencies.

 Andrew Gisonna, G Design Group

"Model Makers Inc have the know-how and tools to produce fast models from engineering drawings or renderings. They are the “go to” source for going from sketch right to model.  The team is fast, efficient and can engineer on the fly.  They are an invaluable asset in keeping us ahead of the competition."

Pat Sparks/Manager Model Shop, Trans world Marketing

"I have been using the services of Model Makers Inc For over 20 years and I have always received very professional and courteous service from their group. They have always delivered excellent quality prototypes from one piece to multiple finished pieces. When timing is critical they have always gone the extra mile to insure that my prototyping needs are delivered to me on time or earlier on a consistent basis. They have also at times interjected their own thoughts into a design that we’ve created that might be better suited to a different method than that of the way my staff was going to approach the project with great results. Model Makers Inc. understands the needs of today’s different industries that require prototyping of their specific products. I can only speak highly about their operation because they have always given me high quality work within my requirements. I have been a model maker for over 40 years in various industries and I can assure you of Model Makers Inc.’s professional service and quality."

Andy Coker Senior Project Manager,

LG&P In-Store Agency

“LG&P has been working with Model Makers Inc. for more than nine years.  The team there has consistently delivered superior quality, competitive pricing and rapid response to tight timelines.  We rely upon  their ability to handle any project -- from small vacuum form one-off prototypes to large-scale detailed engineering models.  Their knowledge of mass production methods give us the confidence to know that what we show a client in prototype form can actually be produced efficiently."

Dee Cibelli, (Formerly of Great Northern)

"I’ve worked with Models Makers Inc. on a variety of display projects over the past 7 years. Their craftsmanship and quality is exceptional. They actively collaborate and provide effective solutions for customer presentation samples. I can always rely on them to meet client deadlines without affecting the quality of the sample. They are the best and most versatile Model Shop I've worked with, bar none!"

David Fraser, Sonoco Display & Packaging

"For the past 10+ years, our company has had the pleasure to work alongside the craftsmen at Model Makers Inc, and have nothing but praise for the outstanding work, dedication and professionalism we’ve received from each and every one of them.  The quality of work, as well as the partnership they foster in each program, gives a confident sense of everything being taken care of in a manner that will always outperform our expectations."